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26 May 2011 @ 09:51 pm
FIC: Red Light  

TITLE:  Red Light
Rating:  R, for language and background sexiness.
Pairing:  Steve/Tony, Steve/??, Peter/MJ
Warnings/Kinks:  Sybian machine


It was completely innocent, his trek down to Tony’s workshop… He’d had absolutely no thoughts of eavesdropping or spying to try to figure out what the big deal was that had Tony telling everyone to stay out of his workshop when the red light outside was on.

Said red light has currently been on for days on end and no one has seen Tony in just about the same amount of time.

He wondered what it was that had Tony so transfixed – couldn’t be the armor, because Tony had never been secretive about the armor with them before… unless maybe it was like that one time Jan had referenced where Tony got all paranoid and took back all his technology from SHIELD… that could potentially not be good.

Really, he was just checking on Tony, making sure that he hadn’t possibly gone crazy alone in his workshop and plotting world domination.  He’s doing this for everyone’s sake.

He punches in his access code, slightly surprised when he gets the green light to go in – surely, whatever Tony was working on was really something that he probably could be interrupted from then – otherwise he would have disabled their pass codes. 

He twists the knob of door, opening it slowly (because you never knew what might be going on in Tony’s workshop)…

“Roxanne, you don’t have to put out that red --- argaahh,” he called out as he entered the room – but what he sees completely takes all words – and catchy Police songs – away.

His eyes are completely focused on Cap – a naked Cap – who someone has chained up in the middle of Tony’s workshop while some machine upholstered in crimson leather pumps up into his body. 

“Okay… oh god… first question I gotta ask is this consensual?  Tony hasn’t gone crazy and strapped you a machine to be fucked to death, has he Cap?”

Not… that… Cap seemed to be protesting too much. In fact, judging by the way Cap’s muscles rippled under his sweaty skin and the flush that had stained his cheeks bright red he might be –

Cap let out a loud groan.

-- might be enjoying it?

“Peter! What did I say about the light,” Tony snaps as he comes out of one of the back rooms.  There’s at least a couple days worth of stubble on his chin and he looks exhausted, his clothes are heavily rumpled, and his hair is almost sticking straight up in uneven clumps.

“Ummm….,” Peter wants to tell Tony, he does, but then Cap lets out a loud moan and Peter can’t help but stare – and is that a yellow dildo going into Cap? It looked huge – and Cap was no slouch in that department, and that dildo STILL looked huge.

“Focus, Peter!  You can’t be an Avenger if you can’t focus!”

“Can so and --” Cap writhed on the machine, his muscles twitching. “…what was the question?”

“What do you want Peter,” Tony growls in that tone of voice that Peter had heard Pepper Potts say behind Tony’s back, “Sounds like someone needs a bottle and a nap.” 

Focus.  Right.  Quickly he placed his hand in front of his peripheral vision to block his view of Cap – perfect.

Cap let out a long, low groan that practically rattled Peter’s rib cage.

“What. Did. You. Want?”

“Ummmm… umm…”  He can’t say that he was here to check in to make sure that Tony hadn’t gone crazy – Tony would take it the wrong way. “…screwdriver.”

Tony rolled his eyes and walked – was he limping just slightly? – and opened a drawer.

“Phillips or standard?”

He can’t see Cap, but he thinks the noises in that direction might have gotten… squelch-ier… as Cap starts pant in time with the ‘thub, thub, thub’ of the machine.

“PETER! Phillips or standard?”

Oh… right… uhm, which one was the one with the cross?


His hand has drifted down a bit and catches sight of Steve’s cock… purple at the tip… it looks like a baby’s arm red and angry to punch him.

He’s startled when Tony shoves the box against his chest.

“Just take them – and bring them back – later,” Tony growls, pushing Peter towards the door.

Peter nods as the door slams shut and he heads quickly down the hall.

He’s not fast enough to escape hearing Tony asking Steve, “Have you had enough, Midnight Racer?”

He so doesn’t want to know.


Its a few days later after the Avengers meeting which was awkward enough trying to pretend that he hasn’t seen Cap all naked and sweaty and getting reamed by a robot– or that he has no clue why Tony is still walking with a limp.

Then Tony brings him aside after the meeting, and he kind of just wants to die right about now – or invent some sort of brain bleach so he can forget everything about walking into the lab that day.

“Peter, I want to thank you for keeping what you saw to yourself.”

“Uhm…. Yeah, sure.”

“Seriously, Pete, I mean it.”

He was touched by it, really.  He looked up to Tony in a lot of ways…

He’s pretty sure that he’s gotten away with his inadvertent eavesdropping… until he gets back to the apartment.

MJ’s in his arms before he opens the door, pressing a deep kiss to his lips.

“Oh, Tiger, you shouldn’t have!”

“Shouldn’t have what?”

MJ giggles and steps aside and there, in the middle of his living room is another one of those machines that Cap had been hooked up to, upholstered in bright blue leather with a large red dildo sticking out of its center.  Oh god…

“’I know sometimes it can be hard, dealing with a superhuman between the sheets, so here’s a little something to even the playing field,’” MJ recites off a small cream note card.  “How’d you know I’d always wanted to try one of these?”

…what the…?  He’s terrified for a moment that he’s stumbled into some sort of bizarro universe… but he takes a deep breath.

“Oh… you know… a guy just knows… these kinds of things….”

“…’PS: Next time remember the light, and bring back my screwdrivers’?”

“Awww… crap.”

He was never going into Tony’s workshop again.

Jay Auris: LOLtasticnighthawkms on May 29th, 2011 04:42 am (UTC)
I knew when we spoke of this, it would be epic, but not how epic it would truly be *bows* Keep on keepin' on, my awesome friend =D
MostePotentePotionsmostepotente on May 29th, 2011 05:19 am (UTC)
Haha, 1) Love the icon. 2) I'm glad you liked it because I am holding you about 50% responsible for it.
mozzarellarosesmozzarellaroses on May 29th, 2011 01:04 pm (UTC)
I am happy for MJ.
MostePotentePotionsmostepotente on May 29th, 2011 05:40 pm (UTC)
Pretty much ;D. MJ will definitely make sure gets a lot of use out of the thing.
xmoonveilxxmoonveilx on June 25th, 2011 01:35 am (UTC)
Hahaha, infinite amount of love for Peter! <3